Nov 25, 2019

'Indian food is terrible' tweet sparks hot debate about racism

A tweet from a US academic calling Indian food "Terrible" has sparked a hot debate about cultural intolerance and racism in international cuisine. "Indian food is terrible and we pretend it isn't," said international affairs professor Tom Nichols. Mr Nichols later admitted that he had only ever eaten at Indian restaurants in the US and UK. Mr Nichols' initial tweet led to a wider discussion about the way food plays into the immigrant experience. First-generation American Saira Rao wrote: "Having white people trash Indian food is extremely triggering as an Indian who has been told that I smell weird, that my food smells weird and that Indians [expletive] on the street which is why everything we are smells bad.". Others took similar issue with a "Controversial food" tweet from ABC senior reporter Terry Moran, who said: "Chinese food is tired. It's boring, gloppy, over-salted and utterly forgettable."

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