Oct 19, 2019

Is the Trump campaign spending $1m a week on ads?

Claim: The Trump campaign is spending $1m a week on Facebook adverts, says Senator Elizabeth Warren. Over the past month, the Trump campaign has been spending about $1m a week on advertising, although over the past week this spending has reduced. The Trump campaign is currently spending $1 million a week on ads including ones containing known lies-ads that TV stations refuse to air because they're false. Over the past 30 days, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee paid $2.4m for ads on Donald Trump's page and $1.3m for ads on Vice President Mike Pence's page. The Donald Trump page spent about $450,000 on ads between 6 and 12 October paid for mainly by The Trump Maga Committee, and the rest by Donald J Trump for President, Inc. This is significantly short of $1m.What about the Democrats?

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