Aug 27, 2019

Amazon fires: What about Bolivia?

The Amazon sprawls for millions of square miles across nine different countries - and Bolivia has seen fires rage across the forest near its borders with Brazil and Paraguay. Jhanisse Daza, an environmental activist who lives near the area, said she believes the fires may be deliberate policy. Similar accusations are levelled in Brazil, where most of the fires are believed to have been set deliberately by farmers and other small groups who believe they will not face consequences under Bolsonaro's government. Aside from Mr Morales' pro-agriculture razing policy, his government has also been accused of being slow to react when the fires first broke out, and said it would fight the fires itself without the need for foreign aid. Alex Villca, an indigenous leader in the Amazon region and spokesman for the indigenous rights group Contiocap said that the government was to blame for the fires.

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