Aug 30, 2019

Amazon fires: The tragic couple who died protecting their home

Fires had been a constant concern for the couple, who feared that those started by their neighbours could spread to their backyard, especially during periods of drought. "People use fire to clear the land in this region, but on that day it was very windy. The fire spread too quickly and didn't give them time to run away," Jeigislaine Carvalho, one of Eidi's daughters, told the BBC. A large number of fires are ravaging parts of the Amazon, a tropical rainforest that spans much of Brazil and other South American countries. Satellite data shows a huge increase in fires burning in the Brazilian Amazon in particular. Neighbours told the police the couple had avoided leaving their property, even during intense fires. According to local reports, the fires in Machadinho D'Oeste consumed an area spanning more than 106 acres.

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