Aug 28, 2019

Amazon fires: Forest loss challenges Paris climate ambition

Planet Labs Inc. The kind of flaring fires seen in the Amazon forest this year would make the Paris climate target more difficult to achieve, scientists have warned. A study last year by Global Forest Watch showed if tropical tree cover loss continued at the rate it was then it would be nearly impossible to keep warming below the pledged 2C. "The fires in the Brazilian Amazon this year certainly pose a challenge for the climate target we have set for ourselves," said Doug Boucher, Tropical Forests & Climate Initiative scientific advisor with Union of Concerned Scientists. The fires in the Brazilian Amazon basin this year had emitted 228 megatonnes of CO2-equivalent by last week, according to the EU's Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service. "It might be too early to draw conclusions about how much of climate damage these fires in the Amazon have done." There have been big forest fires in other parts of the world including in Indonesia, Siberia and Europe in recent days.

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