Jul 3, 2019

'Supporters' in Trump Facebook adverts were actors

A series of Facebook adverts showing people endorsing Donald Trump for his re-election campaign appeared to be actors featured on a stock video and image website. The video's authenticity was first highlighted in a political newsletter last week by journalist Judd Legum, who wrote: "Trump is not polling well among women in general and young women in particular. So it is running an advertisement on Facebook and Google featuring"Tracey" a young woman who is presented as a big Trump fan. Although the advert shows a small disclaimer at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds saying "Actual testimonial, actor portrayal," some people are asking why a president who can command an audience of genuine supporters and who is quick to criticise 'fake news' would need to use actors in promotional adverts. In another advert paid for by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a coffee shop worker described as 'Thomas in Washington' is seen smiling while the voiceover says: "President Trump and his family are in our prayers for strength and wisdom from God almighty." In January, a Donald Trump campaign advert on US border security featured footage of African migrants fleeing from Morocco into Spain.

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