Jun 17, 2019

Vatican considers ordaining older married men in remote parts of Amazon

The Vatican has raised the idea of ordaining older married men as priests in the Amazon's remote areas where there is a shortage of clergy, in what could be a historic shift, the BBC's religion editor Martin Bashir reports. The Vatican says the region represents a pastoral and environmental challenge - but it is the scarcity of priests that the Church can directly address. Eliminating the prospect of marriage ensured that children or wives of priests did not make claims on property acquired throughout a priest's life, which thus could be retained by the Church. Some progressives felt this was the sign of a Pope willing to change the Church's doctrine - but in fact he subsequently reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church's position that homosexual acts were sinful, though accepted that homosexual orientation was not. In 2009, the Roman Catholic Church did grant special admission for married Anglican clergy to join the priesthood, but in a different context.

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