May 13, 2019

Why Canada is a guinea pig for global markets

The social media behemoth isn't the only company that has found value in using Canada as a place to show proof of concept for new products and innovation before bringing them to wider markets. "In Canada we have really a very diverse population with more than 200 languages spoken throughout the country," says Danny Heuman, chief analytics officer with market research firm Environics Analytics. Michael Moskowitz, president of Panasonic Canada, has championed Canada as a place for global firms to test new products or to refine existing ones. On the consumer side, Panasonic has tested small format appliances in Toronto, which is one of North America's largest cities and where a lot of residents live in apartments or condominiums, similar to living quarters in large cities in both Canada and the US. "Just in terms of our proximity to the US, the similarities, Canada becomes a natural launch-pad for organisations looking to make inroads into the North American market," says Mr Moskowitz. Yellowknife, in Canada's Northwest Territories, is working towards being recognised by global aerospace firms as an arctic cold weather testing destination.

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