May 24, 2019

Is Facebook undermining democracy in Africa?

Facebook is under fire in Africa for undermining democracy, with critics saying the social media giant has allowed its platform to be weaponised for co-ordinated misinformation campaigns. She cites the Cambridge Analytica scandal as a prime example of the pass Facebook gets in Africa for the same wrongdoing for which Western regulators were less forgiving. In reaction to last week's Facebook announcement, Congolese blogger Simeon Nkola Matamba tweeted: "The question should rather be, why does Facebook feel comfortable doing in Africa what they'd be less likely to do in other parts of the world? As much as Facebook must comply with ethics our institutions and regulators must up their game and protect people's rights." More than 139 million people in Africa use Facebook - and almost entirely on mobile. AFP. Facebook needs to give Africa more of a priority in how people are using the product, she added.

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