Apr 25, 2019

US Uber drivers plan 12-hour shutdown over pay and conditions

Uber drivers in seven US cities are planning protests to highlight what they claim are poor working conditions and low wages at the ride-hailing firm. For 12 hours, the drivers involved in the protests plan to turn off the Uber app and stop working for the ride-hailing firm. Publicly available figures suggest that Uber and Lyft drivers are paid $8.55 an hour in the US. This is higher than the national mandated minimum wage level of $7.25, but less than rates set by some states. New York now operates a city by-law that demands drivers working for Uber, and other ride-hailing firms like Lyft and Juno, must get paid at least $17.22 an hour. As Uber driver Jay Cradeur pointed out in a blog, anyone who invested the cash that rival Lyft handed out to its drivers in a similar scheme could have ended up losing some of their bonus if they bought the firm's shares, because their value had dropped sharply.

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