Apr 3, 2019

Planned LGBT parade in Bosnian capital provokes calls for violence

An announcement by activists in Bosnia and Herzegovina that the first official LGBT parade will take place in the capital Sarajevo on 8 September has attracted mixed response on social media but very little official comment. Another organiser, Lejla Huremovic, said Pride parades were a powerful political tool to achieve quick changes in the fight for "Freedom of all individuals and groups which face discrimination and violence and which are excluded from society in any way", Radio Sarajevo news portal reported. The SDA branch of Sarajevo Canton issued a statement urging organisers and Sarajevo Canton authorities to abandon plans for the parade. Sarajevo Canton Assembly Chairman Elmedin Konakovic commented that he personally did not support the parade as he "Was brought up in a traditional way, in the spirit of faith", but that he was "Against violence or calls for a lynch". A poll on the regional N1 TV website asks: "Do you support the pride parade in Sarajevo", and so far 61.8 per cent voted "No", 29.9 per cent voted "Yes", and 8.3 per cent said "It is all the same to me".

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