Mar 18, 2019

A scandal in the Amazon - where pilots are forced to lie

Small planes are often the only way to get around - but because most landing strips are unofficial, pilots have to lie about where they are flying. "There's no longer any landing strip there; it was abandoned 15 years ago. Aim for the river, the Parú, instead - try to land on water." Adrian Young of the Netherlands-based aviation consultancy, to70, which advises airports, airlines, and governments around the world, said: "A regulatory system that requires pilots to falsify flight plans, to lie about basic information is scandalous. It's unsafe - and in such an isolated region, you can't just deny people access to travel." "There are 249 landing strips that aren't regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority and these strips are in indigenous land," he says. Pansina's brother, Aksuni, followed the progress of the mission as the searchers radioed in each day to the hostel where he is staying in Macapá.

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