Dec 20, 2018

Subtle Asian Traits: When memes become a diaspora phenomenon

SUBTLE ASIAN TRAITS For many people of Asian descent living overseas, a Facebook group called Subtle Asian Traits has become a cultural phenomenon. "We were always sharing memes and jokes about Asian culture and growing up in a foreign country and kind of just wanted a place to share them together," co-founder Kathleen Xiao, 18, tells the BBC. Anne Gu, 18, another founder, says they were thrilled when the group hit 1,000 members but "Now it's just gone insane". SUBTLE ASIAN TRAITS. Other jokes centre on the experience of being a first-generation Asian person in a Western society, and "How we struggle, sometimes, to reach a balance between our two cultures", says Ms Gu. There are memes about "Not being Asian enough": bilingual mishaps, struggles with Chinese homework, rebelling against family rules and traditions. SUBTLE ASIAN TRAITS. A common source of humour is "Asian parents" - who are stereotypically portrayed as cautious, strict and overbearing. SUBTLE ASIAN TRAITS. It bore an uncanny resemblance to texts from my own mother, particularly phrases like: "I did not have a good sleep last night because of this."

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