Dec 30, 2018

2018: BBC Tech's biggest stories and what happened next

When tech historians of the future look back at 2018, it may stand out as the year that the wheels came off Facebook or at least its original platform. It's no surprise to see articles related to Facebook's various scandals secured it three of the spots in BBC Tech's most-read stories list for 2018. The London-based consultancy only became a household name after a report in the Observer explained how the firm had made use of millions of harvested Facebook accounts' details, while a follow-up Channel 4 TV report recorded the consultancy's chief on tape discussing how beautiful girls could be sent to a politician's house as a honey-trap. The tech giant intends to monitor Project Natick for five years to see if the scheme is a practical proposition for a wider rollout. With the Cambridge Analytica scandal still ratting along, Facebook revealed that a separate problem had exposed almost 50 million accounts to being hijacked.

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