Nov 13, 2018

'Not Disneyland': Dutch hit back at 'over-tourism'

Buses block roads, cars commandeer designated disabled parking spots and tourists with no experience of cycling are encouraged to hop on the saddle to experience the fully immersive Dutch experience. For all his frustration, he disagrees with a recent initiative by local millers to stop rolling out the red carpet and hand out postcards to tourists with a simple message. Mr Velthuizen is referring to a recent initiative in which, rather than rolling out the red carpet, millers have been offering tourists postcards suggesting their presence is part of the problem. "We don't hate tourists but the heritage foundation treats us like the goose that laid the golden egg." "You can't stop it. We just need rules. The tourists used to just come in the summer and stop in October, now it's all year," Johan Velthuizen complains.

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