Nov 21, 2018

Facebook ads urge its staff to leak secrets

Getty Images/BBC A campaign group advocating the break-up of Facebook has subverted the social network's advertising tools to tempt its employees into leaking information. Freedom from Facebook says it targeted ads at the technology company's staff, promoting a "Safe space" website where they can anonymously submit "Whistleblower tips". The stunt comes a week after the New York Times revealed that a public-relations company used by Facebook had circulated claims that the controversial billionaire George Soros was the hidden backer of the Freedom from Facebook campaign. Mr Soros's Open Society Foundations subsequently accused Facebook of conducting a "Smear campaign". Although Freedom from Facebook has not revealed how it has gone about micro-targeting the workers, there is an option in the company's ad tool to direct a campaign at those who list their employer as Facebook HQ. It says that close to 89,000 people have done so.

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