Sep 14, 2018

North Korea claims NHS and Sony hack suspect 'doesn't exist'

North Korea has said that a man charged with hacking Sony Pictures in 2014 is a "Non-existent" individual and warned the US that its accusation could have a negative effect on relations between the two countries. A commentary from North Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, published by state news agency KCNA, called the sanctioning of Mr Park a "Vicious slander and another smear campaign full of falsehood and fabrication designed to undermine" North Korea. Despite the North Korean claims that Mr Park does not exist, the FBI has circulated a wanted poster with a photograph of the man they wish to question. North Korea remains the prime suspect for a number of malicious acts, including the theft of $81m from a Bangladesh bank, as well as attacks on South Korean virtual currency exchanges. It is highly unlikely that Mr Park will face justice in a US court, with North Korea affairs expert Martyn Williams telling the BBC that the charges are a purely symbolic move, designed to "Put meat on the bones" of accusations of North Korean cyber-crimes.

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