Jun 24, 2018

Woman 'humiliated' by Walgreens over drugs to end pregnancy

An Arizona woman has said she was left "In tears and humiliated" after a staff member at US pharmacy chain Walgreens refused to give her prescription medication to end her pregnancy - even though her doctor had said she would ultimately have a miscarriage. Knowing her two-month pregnancy would not run to term, she was given a choice to end it through a surgical procedure or prescription medication, and chose the latter. "I left Walgreens in tears, ashamed and feeling humiliated by a man who knows nothing of my struggles but feels it is his right to deny medication prescribed to me by my doctor," she wrote. In a statement to the BBC, Walgreens said it was looking into the matter, and had "Reached out to the patient and apologised for how the situation was handled". In an update to her original Facebook post, which had drawn 33,000 reactions at time of writing, Ms Mone said she had contacted Walgreens corporate office, and filed a complaint with the state Board of Pharmacy.

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