Jun 6, 2018

The Twitter crime mystery that gripped Spain

The story was created for a competition organised by Twitter Spain, where users were asked to tell a story via a series of tweets, threaded together. Modesto GarcĂ­a's alter ego - a citizen journalist called Mr Brightside - said he had been following Jorge's Twitter account and was puzzled by his sudden death by suicide, so he decided to dig deeper. There followed dozens of tweets, as he pieced the crime together using "Evidence" that included a string of social media accounts, Whatsapp messages, and even a newspaper article about Jorge's death. Mr Brightside then looks back at Jorge's past tweets and begins to get suspicious, so he starts combing the three men's tweets for clues and connections. There follow dozens more tweets, with more details and more suspicions as Mr Brightside tracks down the other men in the background - all invented characters with invented social media accounts.

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