Apr 21, 2018

Southwest Airlines accident: Authorities order mass engine inspections

US and European aviation authorities have ordered emergency inspections of jet engines similar to the one involved in a fatal accident earlier this week. "Fan blade failure due to cracking... could result in an engine in-flight shutdown, uncontained release of debris, [and] possible airplane decompression," the US Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement announcing the inspections. Southwest Airlines Flight 1380, a Boeing 737 which was carrying 149 people, was forced to make an emergency landing at Philadelphia airport following a fault with one of its CFM56-7B engines. The CFM56-7B engine is in use on more than 8,000 Boeing 737 planes worldwide, the manufacturer says. In 2016, a Southwest Airlines flight made a safe emergency landing in Florida after a fan blade separated from a similar CFM engine.

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