Mar 21, 2018

Cambridge Analytica: Facebook data row academic says he is 'scapegoat'

An academic who created an app which harvested data from 50 million users says he has been made "a scapegoat" for Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. Dr Aleksandr Kogan completed work for Cambridge Analytica in 2014, but said he had no idea the data would be used to benefit Donald Trump's campaign. A spokesperson for Facebook said the academic was not allowed to transfer data to Cambridge Analytica, a third-party who would use the set for commercial purposes. On Tuesday a Cambridge University spokesperson said they had "Sought and received assurances" from Dr Kogan that no University data, resources or facilities were used for his work and they had found no evidence to contradict that, but were writing to Facebook to "Request all relevant evidence in their possession". On Tuesday a parliamentary committee called for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to give evidence about the use of personal data by Cambridge Analytica.

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