Jan 12, 2018

'I replied to a Facebook post and was married six days later'

Whereas picking your future wife from dozens of respondents to a Facebook marriage advert and marrying her in six days is decidedly not. Her dad had passed away, and her mum said she did not have the final word in terms of giving approval for her to be married, so it was up to Sophy's elder brother to give his blessings. So after a few questions from her brother, it was official - Chidimma and Sophy were engaged to be married in six days. As December approached, the disappointment of not being able to fulfil his dream of getting married made him put up the post, he said. They got married on 6 January in a traditional Igbo ceremony, and posted photos of their wedding day on Facebook of course - to the amusement of the social media community.

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