Jan 30, 2018

Facebook 'no place' for young children

More than 100 child health experts are urging Facebook to withdraw an app aimed at under-13s. In an open letter to Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg, they call Messenger Kids an "Irresponsible" attempt to encourage young children to use Facebook. Young children are not ready to have social media accounts, they say. Facebook says the app was designed with online safety experts in response to parental calls for more control over how their children used social media. "In response, Facebook said:"Since we launched in December we've heard from parents around the country that Messenger Kids has helped them stay in touch with their children and has enabled their children to stay in touch with family members near and far. The letter questions whether there is a need for Facebook to fulfil such a role, saying: "Talking to family and friends over long distances doesn't require a Messenger Kids account. Kids can use parents' Facebook, Skype, or other accounts to chat with relatives. They can also just pick up a phone."

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