Dec 25, 2017

Which costs more?

Reports have claimed the show's first series cost a record $130m - though its creator Peter Morgan thinks that's nearer the total for both. Could dramatising Queen Elizabeth II's reign have cost more than the actual Queen costs the UK? Let's look at that - and some other things that are pricier on screen than in real life.... The Queen versus The Crown. As royal visits, ceremonies and security aren't covered by the Grant, the actual yearly cost of the monarchy is about £300m, Britain's Telegraph newspaper reports. The much-loved 90s TV series where FBI agents probe the paranormal, The X Files cost $1.5m per episode for the first five series, according to IMDB. Adjusted for inflation to 2007, when the Pentagon operation started, that's $2.1m. Verdict: The Department of Defense could have borrowed the intrepid agents for roughly nine-and-a-half episodes. So which cost more, the movie or the unlucky vessel?

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