Jul 2, 2017

War machine

The longest war the US has ever fought - 16 years and counting - is about to get longer as President Donald Trump decides on sending several thousand more troops to Afghanistan. A remarkable new film, War Machine starring Brad Pitt, which at first whiff sounds like a gonzo-type war movie, brilliantly portrays these themes outlined above. The script is based on the Rolling Stone magazine article and subsequent book The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America's War in Afghanistan, by the late journalist Michael Hastings. His article led to the 2010 sacking of Stanley McChrystal, the US general in charge of the war in Afghanistan, after he and his staff officers made disparaging remarks about President Barack Obama to the journalist. Actress Tilda Swinton, playing a German politician, tells Gen McMahon that "You are spread all over the country and fighting 1,000 separate battles with local people who don't want you in their villages and that is a war you will never win".

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