May 11, 2017

European court aide rules Uber is a transport company

Uber is a transport firm that requires a licence to operate, a senior member of European Union's top court has said. If the ruling is enforced across Europe, it might mean Uber has to operate under the same conditions and safety rules as established taxi firms. The decision is not binding, but in the past judges ruling on cases before the court have generally followed the advocate's lead. For Uber, the decision might mean it has to take more care of its drivers and ensure they are properly trained. In response, Uber said it was already regulated as a transport operator in many European countries so the ruling would have little impact. If the court decides that under European law Uber is not simply an intermediary - a platform for putting passengers in touch with drivers - but is in fact a transport company, it will set an important precedent, which national governments will be able to refer to.

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