Feb 2, 2017

Facebook loses $500m Oculus virtual reality case

The jury found Oculus, which Facebook bought in 2014, used computer code belonging to video game developer Zenimax to launch its own VR headset. Shortly before the results came out, the court awarded Zenimax damages from Facebook, Oculus and Oculus executives following a three-week trial. The 24-year-old founded Oculus VR, and when Facebook stepped in to buy the firm for $2bn, he was rewarded very handsomely indeed. Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg testified last month that "The idea that Oculus products are based on someone else's technology is just wrong". Zenimax, which owns id Software, a video games developer, was suing Facebook for $2bn. Along with the claims against Palmer Luckey, it alleged that John Carmack, co-founder of id, took intellectual property belonging to Zenimax when he left the firm to join Oculus as its full-time chief technology officer.

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