Apple (UK) Limited

Trading as Apple (UK)

Registered in England and Wales with number 1591116.

Apple (UK) is the UK arm of Apple Inc - an American multinational corporation with headquarters in Cupertino, California. Apple that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics as well as personal computer software and hardware.

How to complain about Apple (UK)

Apple don't have a 'Complaints Department' - however they do recommend you deal with a representative in person at one of their 'Genius Bars' - you can make a reservation online at your nearest store using the link below.

Alternatly, some people have reported success by using the email address or phone numbers below.

Apple (UK) Contacts

Email Customer Enquiries on

Call Customer Enquiries on 0844 209 0611



Use this comments section to discuss problems you have had with Apple (UK), or how they have handled your complaints.

Initial complaints should be directed to Apple (UK) directly using the contact details on this page.

Please do not post any personal information relating to staff, or yourself.

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